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So we've worked our block very, very hard and in detail, and been doing it for multiple years. So we're obviously anxious.

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If you look at the Block 58 it's a very large block, it's 1. But when we look at it we have not given specifics on where the location will be. I will tell you we have a number of wells permitted. We have a pretty good idea where it's going, obviously with us about to get the rig, but there's seven play types, there's over 50 large prospects, and there's a pretty good chance that you'll see us lining up some of those targets with where we will choose to drill the early wells.

So sort of following up a little bit on Mike's question, when we look at sort of the really strong margins that you all are getting internationally, and I guess if gas prices and NGL prices sort of remain depressed, I guess just sort of how you're thinking about potentially increasing possibly the allocation of capital that goes international sort of on a go-forward basis now that you're basically saying that Alpine High will have to start competing more on a return basis going forward?

Well, we have a very elaborate dynamic planning process, and it's turned into kind of a day-a-year process. And we're in the throes of that now. And when we look at the portfolio I think the first thing I'll say is we have a very diverse portfolio with many investment options, and none of those have been funding it full capacity over the last couple of years.

So we've got a lot of opportunity. Secondly, I would say is that we have a very deep understanding of our asset base, which gives us the ability to make sure we're making those right calls on where we're going to put that capital.

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And the big thing is we're going to allocate capital to drive long-term value. So when you look at where we sit today there are numerous places where we have been under investing where we have leveraged oil. Obviously our Midland and Delaware oil positions are two places. We've had a great track record of results there.

Those are areas we could go to. When you look at Egypt, we're in the middle of working through the big 3D shoot, and so we're kind of anxious to see what comes out of that shoot, but I can tell you the early returns look very promising. So there are places we can do that as well. There are other oil zones up at Alpine High. And we've got some other places in the portfolio as well. So we have an abundance of deep places where we can put capital, and we'll work through that under normal course and come back later in the year on our plans as we see going forward.

That's great. And then just my follow-up question, you've done a great job on the capex front, and obviously are tracking below what would have been expected so far this year. So is it that you're sort of being conservative and you want to wait to see another quarter play out to make sure things still track the way they have so far this year, or is it possible that some of the savings that you're generating you're considering maybe reallocating, reinvesting back somewhere across the portfolio?


Well, there's a lot of factors that come into play. I'll say number one, we took a frac holiday Q1.

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Secondly, when we brought in our clean fleet, it was a lot -- 30 days late on the commissioning. So that's a little bit of a John. Secondly, we've got the Suriname oil out there that is moved. We've always thought most would be third quarter and fourth quarter span, but it's shifted a little bit, so some of it's timing. There are areas where we're seeing it Alpine High, our well costs come down.

And so, we're seeing some areas that are helping us a little bit, but there's just a lot of factors that kind of leave us in that position. I think the point to underscore though, is you will not see us increase the activity set. Hey, I want to just pick up where you just left off there. Just a quick question, in Suriname, in answering the last question, you said the Suriname well, at least I think I heard you say that. But either guys are getting this rig in next couple of weeks for the September, you're going to have time on the calendar to drill at least one more well, so.

So how many wells are in your plan or in that -- in the capital budget as it exists right now? Well, in the 2.

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So we have a one well commitment with the rig, we have an option for three additional wells. And, realistically, we've got one in the budget. And, that's where I'll leave that. OK, got it. Thank you. And then John, going up back to Alpine High, wondering if you could talk us through the process of two things, what is the -- what's the sequence? And what's it going to look like for you guys? And what are you going to be focused on as that Gulf Coast Express comes on beginning of October, maybe mid of September? And how is that going to interact with your decision to recover or reject ethane?

Well, I mean, obviously, we have to watch the dynamics. I mean, we think GCX coming online is a big event for the basin, it's a big event for us and a big event for Alpine High, is we have a quarter of the volume on the 2 Bcf over from like of the 2 Bcf a day is going to move. So, for us, first thing is we want to see what happens to differentials.

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  • We want to see the impact that that might have or the follow-through on the NGO prices. So we will be watching that very carefully. We want to make sure we're looking out and looking at longer-term views on things because you can't be shifting capital around need your short-term decisions, but -- so we're going to take a very methodical and deliberate approach.