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Home Depot would not do that which is why we went to Lowes. Lowes definitely has earned our business…. We just came back from Lowes and my husband was embarrassed when we asked for a discount and they said they would only take an ID card and they showed us a sheet they had at the cash register of the only types of identificaton they accepted.

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My husband is not active service but he neither has a VA Medical card. We told them we would get our car registration to show that we had Veitnam Vetrans licence plates in which we had to prove to the state of TN that he was a vetran, or would run home to get my husbands discharge papers. They said they would not take those identifications This upset my husband a bit but changed heart when other customers were watching and They finally gave us the discount but it has discouraged us, embarrassed us and disappointed us -… Home Depot just gives us the discount by honoring our word. Perhaps you should contact VA affairs.

On Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends they include all veterans. Unless you retire or have some type of VA disability, you not have anything but a copy of DD or in some states you can have that you are a veteran on driver license.

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However, law was passed in to take affect in , that all veterans will be able to get a Veterans card to show veteran status. I have to say I am retiring in about a year, so decided to go ahead get my VA card. I wanted to go ahead and get my VA card so when my salary goes down to Social Security benefits I would have my card for medical treatment.

Understand I am in perfect health and take no medicine. I applied on line with the VA to get my card. Filled out all the forms, sent in my DD, my discharge, I answered all questions honestly and included my current salary. I got a nice letter from the VA turning me down for a VA card. In the letter it stated my salary level at this time did not allow me to obtain a VA Card. I served from to and have an honorable discharged.

I use that to get my discount at Lowes. My husband was honorably discharged from the Navy over 20 yrs ago and are trying to figure a way to obtain an ID card for him now. I had a photo ID put on my Selective service card and your South Point,Ohio store would still not honor, however some of your Winchester,Ky store people honor and some want to argue with you, that we should have been issued a photo ID….

However the Winchester,KY people are very nice and helpful. According to Lowes announcement you are not entitled to discount. For all personnel that have served.

Walmart: Offer Vets and Servicemembers a Discount |

Please take your documents to any VA office and get your VA card issued. It does not take much but your time to go and get it. I would think a veteran would have an expired ID Thus Veteran. I think Lowes is getting mixed up between active military and Veterans. Look up veteran in the dictionary and see what it says. Same thing happened to me. My active duty card expired in Oct It was embarrassing but the manager was pretty cool about it and gave me the discount anyways.

She told me to get an updated card. That will prove whether someone is a disabled vet or not. Bangor Vets beware, after having spent thousands of dollars at the local Bgr. Lowes, using my veterans card, now they need a Manager to approve your photo ID. In my case 2 in took this Mgr 20 min.

This is an obvious attempt to discourage the discount, and insult Verterans. Vets lets take our business somewhere else. In most cases local stores will offer discounts to Veterans. I honorably served in the United States Marines Jerry — Thank you for your service and thanks for sharing. The only issue is not everyone that is a veteran qualifys for a VA card. Many people make to much money and when they go to a lowes with there DD they are turned down.

This happens all the time.

Walmart: Offer Vets and Servicemembers a Discount

I work for the VA and we have to constantly explain to people that there is nothing we can do to give them a card if they do not qualify for health care. I am a 14 year veteran of the US Navy. I proudly served and was honorable discharged but I too like many am discriminated against because I cannot qualify for a veterans medical benefit card.

I made too much salary according to veterans affairs to be eligible for the medical so no card. Lowes will not honor my license with a veteran endorsement. Your store policy is discriminating and should be changed or do away with it all together. I am a building contractor and buy large quantity materials but this makeshift shop other places that does not discriminate. James — We are not associated with Lowes in anyway. Best of luck and thank you for your service. I have been told by 2 different Lowes employees that I must be retired or Active Duty to recieve the discount.

This says honorable discharge! I Will be making a formal complaint with the store manager. Apparently its whatever that paticular store feels like! Whitelake MI. I ran into the problem with Lowes in Florida not honoring their military discount. They would not even look at my letters and just stated that I must have a VA card.

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They refused my discount, Lowes does not care about veterans at all. I am registerd at the VA and a Navy veterian can you help. What more proof do they need? I felt insulted. Is this a ploy to ward off people who served their country? I served in the us army ,honorable discharge,went to college on GI bill. Never needed VA medical and have no card. The VA will not issue you a card unless you are being treated by the VA. Lowes will not so I dont shop at Lowes. I served in the Army reserves In Florida you can have your Drivers license Indicate a V for veteran by bringing a DD to the drivers license bureau and paying a small fee.

There are 3 oak leaf clusters on my Vietnam Campaign Medal.

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I was informed by the clerk that only Active Duty, and Retired service members with valid ID would be able to obtain the discount. Seems like you all are picking and choosing on veterans discount. I am retired but not through the military and have a Va.

Oh well. DD and drivers license with vet endorsement not enough for Lowes, so guess I will trade as much as possible elsewhere.